December 6, 2020


Being honest is one of the most radical, revolutionary acts a person can do. It risks being wrong. It risks being transformed. It risks losing people. The Seven Grandfather teachings identify love, respect, wisdom, bravery, humility, honesty, and truth as the path to spiritual development and to having healthy relationships. Notice that honesty and truth is not the same thing. You can only get to truth after having accomplished the first six teachings. These teachings guide every decision I make. It is very hard to do. It certainly helps when it is time to let go of relationships, of whatever kind, when those relationships are a drain on your spirit. I am lucky to be with the same beloved for 41 years. Our love has grown throughout that time. We are gifting ourselves new wedding rings this year to celebrate our circle of life. I am referring to those relationships that are based on competition, political and economic advantage, distrust, hidden agendas, and dishonesty. Letting go of hurt makes room for joy!

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