VBCIC Newsletter Vol.4

The May 2021 National Summit on Transforming the Culture of Power: Indigenous Transformative/Restorative Circle Practices on Healing and Thriving Together in Community, was and enormous success. The 352 participants analyzed, grieved, celebrated, and told their stories about what we need to do if we are to live in harmony and safety with each other based on racial, and gender equity. Black, indigenous, people of color spoke eloquently about the systemic, capitalistic structure as the root of all forms of violence.

Using an Indigenous Circle Process for Evaluation-(National Sexual Violence Resource Center Podcast)

In this episode, NSVRC’s Evaluation Coordinator Sally Laskey has an in-depth conversation with Strong Oak Lefebvre, Executive Director and co-founder of the Visioning B.E.A.R. Circle Intertribal Coalition (VBCIC). Listen as they discuss VBCIC’s prevention curriculum “Walking in Balance With All Our Relations” and how they incorporated Indigenous values and processes into a new model for evaluation.

Visioning B.E.A.R. heads west with its message

The local group Visioning B.E.A.R. Circle Intertribal Coalition will expand its prevention work to keep children safe using an indigenous circle process with a $50,000 grant it recently received from RALIANCE, a national partnership dedicated to ending sexual violence in one generation.

Visioning B.E.A.R. Director, Strong Oak Lefebvre, presents at Leadership Education and Advancement for Professionals event for the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Strong Oak Lefebvre is currently the President of Board and founder of the Visioning B.E.A.R. Circle Intertribal Coalition, American Indian of Maliseet and MikMaq descent. Strong Oak is co-author of the Walking in Balance with All Our Relations teaching curriculum.

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