Our Mission

The mission of VBCIC is to prevent domestic and sexual violence and other interpersonal violence in the tribal, intertribal, and multicultural communities in the Northeast, which includes Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York, as well as nationally. 


Conflict and harm are resolved through reconciliation and healing rather than through punishment and exclusion.

Mother Earth has the same rights as a person.

When women tell their stories of trauma they are speaking for the land herself.

Bartering fosters the equitable distribution of wealth and acknowledges every one’s gifts equally.

The minority voice, the one most oppressed, is the one that needs to be heard most.

We need to return to pre-colonization values where true democracy, compassion, respect, generosity, courage, wisdom, sacredness, humility, empathy, balance, gratitude and connection to the land are taught by the elders to the adults and children in the community.

Our values need to change if we are to survive. This means pulling away from patriarchal, hierarchical mindsets and turning to the Circle for transformation and recovery.

We consider wild life to have the same kind of psychology as people do with the same need for respect.

Indigenous restoration of traditional culture is a critical need to recover from trauma.


Establish highly visible and viable approach to interpersonal violence prevention throughout the social fabric of our intertribal communities of the Northeast.

Promote open conversations about gender-based violence.

Prevent violence against Mother Earth

Establish a restorative justice approach that ensures accountability for behavior by intertribal members.

Return to a pre-colonization traditional value system that allows us to walk in balance with all our relations.

Visioning B.E.A.R Circle Intertribal Coalition

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