Transformative/Restorative Circle Process Training

Transforming the culture of power

Indigenous Transformative/Restorative Circle Practices on Healing and Thriving Together in Community.  May 11-13, 2021

Multicultural communities are invited to participate in deep dialogues so that together we can heal the historic wounds we carry in our body, minds, and spirits, wounds that are rooted in systems of governance based on racial and gender inequality. 

To prevent continued harm and transform our communities, we need to engage in dialogues across differences and community-building circle practices to heal both those who harm, and those who are harmed.

 Love, compassion, reframing how we walk in balance in our lives, empathy, humility, wisdom sharing, connecting to the land, sacredness, honesty, courage, truth, vision questing, and courage to change – these are the necessary ingredients to build a vibrant, thriving community based on equity for all.

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